The MLK Community Breakfast of San Fernando Valley

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, founder of the Progressive Faith Foundation, has long been invested in racial equality. In addition, he is passionate about Jewish and Black community relations, and religious pluralism. In 2009, Rabbi Steven Jacobs spoke at the annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Community Breakfast in San Fernando Valley.

Every January, the San Fernando Valley African American Leadership Organization (AALO) hosts the MLK Community Breakfast at no cost to attendees. The event celebrates the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and is sponsored by the community’s churches and businesses.

Each year, AALO invites keynote speakers to the community breakfast. They share their thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his legacy. One such speaker, Rev. Dr. Jannah Scott, reminded attendees that Dr. King spoke of things that had not yet happened as if they already had. She encouraged them to do the same, pointing out that it would make the younger generation aspire to make those possibilities a reality. Other guests have included “We Are Blessed,” a singing group whose inspiring melodies entertained the attendees.

In addition to hosting the annual MLK Breakfast, AALO seeks to provide a forum to address important issues facing San Fernando Valley’s African American community.

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