Faith in Public Life’s Online Tools

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs founded the Progressive Faith Foundation with various aims, including the encouragement of interfaith dialogue, and the enhancement of connections between practitioners of the different Abrahamic faiths. In addition, Rabbi Steven Jacobs is a member of the executive board of Faith in Public Life (FPL).

FPL presents faith as a facilitator of the causes of compassion, the common good, and justice in the public sphere. The organization’s goals include supporting the faith community’s efforts to shape debate in the public square with the design and implementation of campaigns, coalition-building, and other initiatives.

The organization offers a range of resources and tools on its website. One is Bold Faith Type, a blog that is updated regularly through the work week. Its authors write about the latest news from the faith community, and its analyses and fact-checking are of benefit to reporters, FPL partners, and other bloggers. Another tool is the Faith Map. This interactive map allows users to comb through a massive database of more than 3,000 faith-based organizations in the United States.

The FPL site also hosts Poll Spot. This tool carries polls from 2006 onwards involving religion and politics. Users can employ it to find direct links to polls sponsored by various external entities and those commissioned by FPL, as well as summaries of their findings.

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