The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

On the executive board of the Progressive Faith Foundation, Rabbi Steven Jacobs maintains a busy schedule in his pursuit of healing the world—tikkum olam—and of achieving fairness for all. The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding invited Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, who received that organization’s invitation to gather with Muslim and Jewish leaders in Los Angeles, to begin the process to form a Greater LA Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee.

Based in New York City, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) supports racial harmony. The non-profit organization commits to promoting relations among ethnic groups. FFEU programs address Muslim-Jewish, Black-Jewish, and Latino-Jewish community relations.

Internationally recognized for its efforts to promote Muslim-Jewish relations, FFEU holds an annual event, the Weekend of Twinning. Additional Muslim-Jewish events include international delegations and conferences that feature Jewish and Muslim leaders. FFEU hosted the Delegation of Muslim and Jewish Leaders from the Southern Hemisphere in June of 2013.

FFEU’s work to promote healthy Black-Jewish relations derives its inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King’s work with the Jewish community in the United States. In its work for improved Jewish-Latino relations, FFEU promotes justice by encouraging individuals and groups to speak up in the face of racial and religious bigotry.

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