Observing Shabbat Services

Through the Progressive Faith Foundation, Rabbi Steven Jacobs spreads the positive values of interfaith acceptance. He strives to bring together followers from many faiths, including Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Over the course of his life’s work, Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs has received letters from members of his congregation who experienced emotional and spiritual awakenings at the services he has led, a body of effort which includes hundreds of Shabbat services.

Christians observe the Sabbath, a day of rest, on Sunday. For people of the Jewish faith, the Sabbath takes place every Friday evening through Saturday evening and offers a time to reflect on their families, their community, and spiritual growth.

On Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, individuals are given the opportunity to attend Shabbat services. These can take place virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors, as long as the space allows worshippers to come together for prayer. The dress code is usually business casual or formal. Each worshipper receives a siddur, or prayer book, to use for the service. One type of siddur is the Mishkan T’filah; it contains traditional prayers in the Hebrew language, interpretative and literal translations, and other useful information. Interspersed with readings from siddur, worshippers get to raise their voices in song as well as conduct special prayers written to emphasize the thoughtful, people-first themes of the Sabbath.

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