Robert Goodman – The First of Jesse Jackson’s Diplomatic Successes

Rabbi Steven Jacobs is the founder of the Progressive Faith Foundation and a strong advocate for social equality. During his many years fighting for civil rights, Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs has worked closely with the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Recently, Jesse Jackson was reunited with US Navy pilot Robert Goodman, a man he helped free from Lebanon in 1984. Lebanon, which at the time was controlled by Syria, represented a challenge in the realm of American diplomacy. Jackson, who was running for the American presidency, stunned audiences by returning home with Goodman. He had no ties to the Syrian government and was not expected to prevail. Precedent indicated that presidential candidates visiting other countries in order to boost foreign relations had little luck, but in this case, Jackson succeeded.

Although he failed to receive the Democratic nomination, Jackson’s accomplishments in foreign policy continued to astound over the years. Following the release of Robert Goodman, Jackson played a role in freeing 22 Americans in Cuba, prisoners in Iraq prior to the Persian Gulf War, and POWs being held in Yugoslavia during the war in Kosovo in 1999.

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