The Interfaith Alliance Champions Individual Rights and Democracy

Steven B. Jacobs, retired rabbi and founder of the Progressive Faith Foundation, has served his faith community for more than 40 years. In addition to his rabbinical duties, he has consistently participated in numerous interfaith endeavors. Winner of the Interfaith Alliance Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award, Rabbi Steven Jacobs has spoken to black and Jewish congregations about such issues as marginalized Haitians and student voters in Florida.

As an organizational champion of protecting individual rights and the power of democracy, Interfaith Alliance challenges extremism at national and grassroots levels of American society. With core beliefs that reflect a democratic society, including American right to religious freedom and the threat of political and religious extremism to democracy, Interfaith Alliance serves as the country’s sole national interfaith organization with a mission to protect religious and democratic integrity.

Established in 1984, Interfaith Alliance maintains a current membership of 185,000 individuals representing 75 faith traditions and those without religious affiliation from around the United States. In a national and political environment in which religion plays an increasing role, Interfaith Alliance challenges religious bigotry when expressed by religious and political extremists in American politics.

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